The Third Biennial of Performance PerfoArtNet is a gathering of artists, theorists and community, consisting of lectures, workshops and live performance transmitted live over the internet. The Biennial of Performance is complemented with photos and videos; part of the archive of World Performance.

PerfoArtNet provides free access to art, reflection, and awareness of our bodies. and relations that establish bodies with this world.

The use of the body as a symbol, tool and mean of social interaction, allow a the action, distance itself from the representation and the script, to enter the world of presentation, guide, improvisation, provocation and ethics.

Actions attached to the context, they reaffirm the inevitable analogy between art and society, especially when we live in an environment marked by productions that arise from the socio-historical relationship of a time, hence the artistic proposals are seen as an extension of the close relationship between art and life.

For this third version we open the call together with the thought of the artist, Joseph Beuys who says:


¨ The art is not just about painting pictures or making sculptures. It has a rationale, a function autentic, when covering the entire area in which originates and hug; at the same time at the person. So the future can transform all situations and conditions in the world; the changes, rearranges, verifies a change in circumstances. You could say I've worked all my life on the idea of a creation capable of changing social conditions. ¨

Joseph Beuys - Pencil 187-188 November-December 2001 - Interview with Joseph Lebrero Stals.


From these words we selected a series of actions, that reflect, the social and political conditions on the planet. The artist, struck by what happens in their environment, RE-Action, trying a SHOUT IN SILENCE, because words are not enough, and it is your body that resists and tries to RE-Exist, to make us see the importance of what we are.


¨ The arts of the body are presented as acts of resistance control over life. But as Deleuze says, is not the man who resists. It is Life itself is the body as a power of life that resists.
The arts of the body appear on the edge of war, perhaps when the words and representative forms are no longer sufficient and requires experience with all the expressive possibilities, to speak the unspeakable ¨.

Consuelo Pabón - Pentágono Project.


Actions for the environment, actions for a better world, actions by the devastation, the actions by the people missing, physical actions and mental actions, actions that question, pointing actions, actions face to face, exposed body actions in public space, body, sculpture, statue and monument of this time; bodies full of symbols and signs. art of life and by the life. which is why these bodies are not of bronze, are not resin, are living bodies that scream, as feels the community.

Construct heritage, tangible and intangible, is construct beings, neighborhood, city, nation, continent and the planet, therefore, the commitment and importance that every being in the becoming. We must be aware of what we produce, where, to whom, for what produce, and the responsibility we have, when we are generating actions.


¨ Beuys defined as expanded concept of art, that which calls attention the individual, as be potentially free and master of his fate. In taking the decision to govern itself. molded man creates its own being in the world. Assume responsibility, to decide freely,this is an artistic event for Beuys, and is a political reality for the inhabitants of the planet. Collaborate in the social, creative, and individual. forces unite to regenerate mankind, is for the artist, a task that is also derived from anthroposophic ideas. ¨
Carmen Bernaldez. Joseph Beuys. Madrid: Editorial Nerea, 1999, p. 83-84. -
Art as a means of political expression. Maria Mercedes Gonzalez.


PerfoArtNet is a gathering of thoughts, expressions, gestures and cultures that enrich us, through the exchange of experiences and knowledge with other countries. also we present theories and creations at international level allowing a transnational horizontality. Perfoartnet open the art to a collective experience, which generates a global awareness, of the importance of what we are, and the responsibility of each one, in this here and now that we lived.

The sample of live action and the archive of actions, photography documentary material are pedagogical means to teach the use of the body in the arts through action and also raise awareness of responsibility and commitment of every people . Art as a tool for social transformation.



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