PerfoArtNet 2010 International Biennial of performance, brings together artists and theorists from different countries with a common interest. Social and political reflection.

Art, body and mind united in demanding the rights and duties of those who inhabit the planet.

Every day we question artists and theorists: what is the role of the artist?. What is your produccion?. What is our responsibility here and now?.


Questions that lead us to think about the social and political situation, the condition human, questioning the environment or water pollution.


Action art reveals problems of coexistence between regions and between countries. this problems inevitably affect our basket, our wages, pensions, and finally our own producición, and life itself.


PerfoArtNet, opens one space for art proposals compromised. This proposal, wake up at all people. Find our what affects the existence, to build another reality, another way of living



PerfoArtNet 2010

Live and  Direct  Transmission

Transmisión en Vivo y en Directo

Transmission Directe





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