The action-Art, the performance art or the corporal action stem from the need to reflect on problems facing our bodies, our environment and our world;leaving testimony to the cruelty, questioning, sensitizing and providing spaces that contribute to change and social strengthening.

The performers use and merge the techniques passing from the thought, to paper and to three-dimensional space mixing concepts, gestures and symbols in the space and in the mind allowing enter in the unconscious to generate here the action and motivate any reaction. The Participants artists in PerfoArtNet 2008  are conscious being of  their role  in the actual reflection , by the life and for life… reunited  through live transmissions and direct cross the globe dissolving borders, Languages  and thoughts communicating with their bodies expressions and attitudes that try to build a world that does not exist.

Albuquerque from Portugal with  Color  questioned the conditions of ethnicity and race painting her face of red change her traits, hiding her identity. Albuquerque with a  master  in the Art Institute of Chicago and student of María Abramovic has exhibited in Italy , United states , Africa, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Brazil and Spain .

Fernández from Spain with  poema para pisar, pisa para poemar made hand made books with fruits carton boxes imported from America, recycling waste material make and sells these books  that finance his actions and his life  touching the theme Of what the artists live? Fernández Director of the  portal of poetry visual edital-t, participant in the  festival of visual poetry.

Villasana from México in  Palabras Diluidas- Diluted Words assumes the  position of tortured body medially, in this case a woman leaving introduce bubble gum in her mouth by other person , she is inflating bubble gum that explode in her face, the woman subjected, the working woman exploited Villasana scholarship in Japan and scholarship like young creators has exhibited in Mexico, Spain and Colombia.

Jimeno from Colombia with  El Trago de la Amargura-The drink of bitterness  white dressing in a white space, mix the naturals fluidsof his blood and the milk to drink a  quiet drink of pain by so much shed blood for the peace , for so much silence, indifference Jimeno winner of the Salón Nacional de Artistas , Salón Regional de Artistas- zona  Norte, First Place Salón del Fuego and  XI Salón de artistas costeños

de Gracia from Argentina with his work No Mind / No Mente questioned the relations of power and control to wich man is subject, the relations and politicals decisions that affect the livelihood  of communities . de Gracia writer, manager, independent Curator, artist, professor and performer direct the International magazine of mail art  Hotel Dada and organize the international Art-Action Encounter Interferencias. 

Rodríguez from Canary Islands in her action  La Mano que mece La Cuna- The hand that rocks the cradle sing  a lullabies in german. Consecuence of her stay there and in other countrie her language its  mixing , leaving see problems of identity , language, race, inmigration and nationality. Rodríguez  actually winner of the artistic residence  Program Berna en Switzerland and previously Visarte also in Switzerland, fellowship by the Culture counseling of Canary Islands has exhibited in  Switzerland, Toronto, Canary Island and Barcelona.

Alenso from Venezuela with her action Cuadrado-do-do reflects about the new relations between body ,technology the new interpersonal distance relations, through video Messenger, faceBook where the body takes a dimension bi-dimensional disrupting social behavior and ways to understand and relate to others. Alenso has participated in the meeting of women’s performance in Chile, in Perfomágia Exhibition of performance in México, II World meeting of body art  in Venezuela, Scholarship from the University Gran Mariscal of Ayacucho as a young  artist.

Llavata from Spain  with his action Untitled Fight / Pelea sin Título makes a pot of mud perfectly to be destroyed at the end, pose the ephemeral act f the action , the object, of the life itself, of the everyday. Llavata artist, ceramist and performer winner of artistic residence in Flax Art Studios in Ireland, has exhibited in Lisboa, Spain, Finland, Holland, Russia, Japan mixing action and ceramics

Restrepo from Colombia in her action Eclosión Builds objects that are trapping the body in a corner and then get out of there she speaks, of rebirth, back to life after a kidnapping after the loss of freedom.Restrepo has exhibited in the Salón Cano de la Universidad Nacional, and in  the bienal del barrio Venecia.

Álvarez de México with Venado AzulBlue Deer connect the contemporary man with the ritual and the shaman ,essential tools for the cure of this World that is lacking in harmony , connect it to change the order of things using the action as a driving force and generating opportunities for peace, The blue deer  in the  Huichol worldview is a protective  deity that guide the path of andariego. Álvarez manager and curator of the International performance meeting in Norogochi Mexico, has participated in Perfomágia National performance meeting Mexico, in the international Performance congress Chile, and in the International Conference of Performance and Theory  in Tijuana.

Rojas from Colombia with  Desmembramientos  put his body in tension , hoisting him in the air showing this body–man aire, this social body in the middle of the external forces that shape it ,which affect  and even destroy it . Rojas artist, professor, writer and performer has participated in the Salones Regionales, in the national meeting of arts faculties.

Rosales from México with his  performance Acto creativo y realidad –creative act and reality let see the deep connections that the life has between body, music, painting ,action and the interaction of the daily acts , his action broke the limits of the work to be part of the existence. Rosales Musician and performer scholarship like a young composer by the Mexican Government twice, received the prize like a young artists of the year in Querétaro.

Rodríguez Colombian from Canada with Cosmetics action where invites people of the coffeshop to paint her face, over and over again a with a great variety of cosmetics questioning the impact that these have in the woman in the society and how take part of the female identity,   woman –object, allowing also questioning the prototypes of beauty of the actual society. Rodríguez participating in the I Meeting of action –art, has exhibited in Canada, and Colombia.

Forero from Colombia in Alumbramiento iluminates the space with a Light attached in his face set fire and Project and ultrasound showing us the Light of life , the Light of fire and the electric light, the real and virtual, live and what it deferred. Forero participating artist of International encounter of performance - Venezuela Perfochoroní, and in the Festival of performance in Colombia.

del Re artist from Chile  del Re with his  action come fly with me invites to reflect about reality, presence, tele- presence and the fantasy that are close to those dreams and audiovisual transmissions. independent artist and curator , Co-founder of PerfoPuerto organization of  performance that  organize internationals events, Director of the Latin-American Net of performance –Red Latinoamericana de performance, has exhibited in more than 13 countries in Europe, Asia, North and South  America.

Uribe from Colombia with his performance Protocolo Pop Rock Colombo Americano remix interpretation of the National Colombian anthem and United status at 6 a.m , 12 p.m 6 pm questioning the bi-lateral relations between both countries , the  expansionist politic and the alliances of power. Uribe has participated in the Salon of University arts , in the  International Fair of art ArtBo , International encounter of art  of Medellín invited by the Bodegón,   Has exhibited in Artrónica Festival of    Electronics Arts and in Experimenta Colombia.

Guzmán from Spain with  Meditación- MeditAction propose the intervention of urban space where the body find it in meditation in the middle of the hum , questioned the difficulties  of man to concentrating or relaxing in the middle of cars and buildings. Guzmán has participated in the International encounter of art in Medellín, in the Festival of Performance in Cali-Colombia, has exhibited in Spain, USA, Colombia, Germany and Paris.

Higuerey from Venezuela with Acciones desde mi Cuarto Actions from my bedroom allow us enter in the daily and in the intimacy of the life, of artists, of the action, realized and spatial study, temporal and in experience. Higuerey has participated in the III International Festival of Performance PerfoChoroní, Nomasdecinco #5, ONG, Caracas, III World encounter of body art, Venezuela, web Actions with the pavilion of Venezuela in the 52 Biennale of Venice and V+F, 2007

Zuluaga from Colombia with his action Ni un paso en Falso - Not one false step use his body to Draw on it guns and hang up eggs that when walking exploiting, maybe like landmines, like tortured bodies, like undergoing men. Zuluaga Honor Mention National salon of artist -Colombia, Awarded in the Encounters of Arts in Medellín, participant in the regional of Antioquia, has exhibited in Colombia and  United States.


Miguel Rojas Sotelo curator, artist, documentalist and mediatic activista. is PhD in history of  contemporary art and cultural critical  theory of the University of Pittsburgh (2007-08). Has worked as Director of visual arts of the Ministry of Culture in Colombia (1997-2001), professor in the University of Rosario, Superior School of Audio-visual studies and in the University of   Pittsburgh. Master in Visual Arts of the University of los Andes (Bogotá), Specialization in Cultural management of the University del Rosario (Bogotá) And Master in Modern and Contemporary Art of the University of Pittsburgh (USA) Doctoral Certifications in cultural studies and Latin American Studies of Pittsburg.

Ricardo Arcos Palma PhD in  Arts and Sciences of Art  , Aesthetic mention, Magister in  Aesthetics  and DEA in Philosophy of art and  Aesthetic Of the Sorbonne University Paris. Master in Fine Arts   of the National University -Colombia. Research and write about artistic Colombian production  in the XX century: 1. The Body between Re-Presentation and Presentation . (Developing) Director of the group of researching in sciencies of art –GICA Researching of the  Institut of Aesthetich Research . U.N.  Jury in the V Biennale SIART 2007. La Paz.

Silvio de Gracia Professor of  History and Social sciences . Writer ,Visual artist , performer, video-artist and  independant .curator vich have been Published Differents Books and magazines about Poetry and Experimental art. Actually, directs and edit the International magazine of mail-art  and visual poetry HOTEL DaDA. Author of the book “Aesthetic of perturbation-Theory and practice of interference”, where develop and innovative conception of performance art.

Each one of these artists  from various countries of diverse ideologies, different  languages, reaffirm the essence of action-art, of the action, of performance like manifestation of communities like criticism media and social reflection .The participants actions demonstrate that art, artists and their conceptual work are in compromise with the present and the future in the same way as  in their beginning dissolving the frontiers between art and life allowing that art be a place for the encounter ,transit, criteria producer and attitudes that prove that differences can be resolve in other ways than violence.

Great Thanks to such warm people, interesting artist and deep thinkers.


PerfoArtNet 2008

Live and  Direct  Transmission

Transmisión en Vivo y en Directo

Transmission Directe

10-11-12-13-14 Junio / June - 2008




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